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General purpose masking tape

A crepe paper masking tape exhibits high adhesion, high cohesion and high holding power. A specially formulated adhesive allows no residue on surface when removed.

Application and usage: a general purpose masking tape used for various masking, holding, bunding and sealing light to medium paper cartoon packaging, For industrial, home and office use. The heat resistance is 80 degree c for 1 hour.

Masking Tape - high temperature-AS-05

A premium crepe paper masking tape exhibit excellent adhesion, tack and good cohesion strength. The adhesive is a specially formulated rubber based for high temperature application. It also has good resistance to solvents, oil and water.

Application and usage: this premium tape is used for high temperature masking application such as automotive paint spraying; band leering and electro plating. The heat resistance is 150degree c for 1 hour.

Surface Protection Tape

Self-adhesive surface protection tape has excellent protection against damages and scratches. This tape has adjustable peeling force, no adhesive residue and weather resistant.

Double Sided Foam Tape

This tape is made out of foam of PE, PU, PVC and EVA coated with various types of adhesive for various applications. It is used in refrigeration, stationary, die-cut, impact preventing material or adheres with advertising sign board and plates and various other applications. this tape is available in different thickness

Double Sided Tissue Tape

THE tape is made of tissue paper both side coated with acrylic water or solvent based adhesives and laminated with double side release paper.this tape is used in shoe and leather industry, foam industries, postal service, decoration, label and lot of other uses.

Double Side Cloth Tape

This tape is made out of cloth and is coated on both sides with strong natural rubber adhesive which also has masking properties. this tape is laminated with polyester or paper release liner. This tape is used in mounting stereos and joining dissimilar materials.

Duct Tape

Possessing outstanding conformity, this tape is designed for industrial automobile, refrigeration and many more uses.

Aluminium Foil Tape

Aluminium foil tapes are conformable, conductors and heat reflective, Can be used for high temperature / cold temperature applications.EMI/RFI shielding, ducting and thermal spray masking.