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Strapping Machine

Our VCI Materials are anti-corrosive and extend protection to a range of products comprising of casting, electrical and electronic components, automobile parts, machine tools, fasteners, bearing, gears, etc. The Materialsfind wide application in the export of ferrous products as they are exposed to extreme humidity and moisture during transit.

Heavy Duty Model

  • Heavy-duty model suitable for continuous application area like Airports,Tiles, Meat processing units, Newspaper unit's etc.
  • Stable quality, durable material, and easy maintenance. Special design-Control PP strap cooling time. It can make the PP strap to fasten well in any time.
  • "Electricity-saving" device, the motor automatically stops running after 60 seconds pause to reduce the regular mechanical wear and to prolong the machine's life.
  • The advanced P.C.B microchip circuit board control system, less malfunction and easy maintenance.
  • Durable electro-magnetic clutch transmission means lesser mechanical wear and noise pollution. New heater plate design improves warm-up-time, weiding speed and increase work efficiency.
Power Supply AC 220V (50/60Hz)
Driving Motor 1/4 HP, 220V/200W
Dimension 910(L) x 580(W) x 750(H) mm
Strap Width 6-15 mm(adjustable)
Tension Strength 15-50 kgs
Strapping Speed 1.5 Sec/Strap
Min. Package Size 60mm
Max. Package Size Any Size
Net Weight 100 Kgs
Gross Weight 120 Kgs
Sealing Method Heat Sealing

Auto Strapping Machine

  • Aluminium Arch: All in one design. Easy to increase the width or the height, only add some parts to the original.
  • The guide of the brush is a big help to strap the package at the proper position. Brilliant performance.
  • Makes operation easy: Time saved, labour saving.
  • Tension Adjustments: Can be adjustable at will, Max tension is over 90Kgs, Suitable for various kinds of cartons to choose the tight or lose strap never fall off.
  • Precision Structure: Main machine's component is made of aluminum alloy. Control system is compatible.
  • Easy loading or unloading: To load or unload the strapping roll is convenient due to the dispenser is placed outside.
Power Supply 3 Phase, 220/380/440V, 50/60Hz
Strap Width 9,12,15,19 mm
Tension Adjustment Adjustable (Max.over 90 kg)
Speed 2.4 sec. per cycle
Max. Package Size W850 x H600 mm
Min. Package Size 100(L) x 50(H) mm
Power Consumption 850W
Dimension 1440(L) x 640(W) x 1517(H) mm
Net Weight 250Kgs
Gross Weight 300Kgs
Shipping Size 1480(L) x 700(W) x 1700(H) mm